Presentation “demo” of Bringing It All Back Home, the album cover inscribed in the upper left corner by Dylan, “Hope (and pray) this isn’t too much but you can always throw the jacket away.” Then, additionally signed and inscribed by him 4 times, in 4 different places, in 4 different personas, with 4 different signatures (Robert, Bobby, Dylan, and Bob). 87 words total, in black ink, all in Dylan’s handwriting. 12 1/2” X 12 1/2” light wear at the edges, some rubs, else very good, never repaired, cleaned, or touched–up. Complete with both sleeves and the record.

  1.  “Here Katy, Here’s a record for you, you have a great walk and a great manner and helped turn the precious moments into days–see you along the road. Yours Robert.”
  2. “Dear Katy, They never received that telegram but that’s ok, maybe better. Love Bob.”
  3. “Katy! May you always be as you always are, Beautiful. Love Dylan.”
  4. “To Katy With Love Bobby!”

And there’s more. In the lower left corner, Dylan references the 4 different identities in which he has inscribed, with a quotation from Sam Peckinpah: “There are many different people inside of us, Sam P.”

The presentation inscriptions are to, and the item is, ex–Katherine Haber, MBE, at the time, a production staffer on the MGM film, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, in which Dylan acted, and for which he wrote and performed his Billy 1, 4, and 7, as well as Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. And it is the film’s director, Sam Peckinpah, whom Dylan quotes in the lower left corner of the cover

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